My general credentials are a BFA in Media Arts & Digital Technologies (with distinction) from The Alberta College of Art & Design 2004-2008 (now the Alberta University of the Arts). I have 20+ years of work experience a different industry. I'm used to a fast paced and pressure filled environments. I enjoy working with a team or on individual projects. I'm a mature individual who is determined to catch up to his dream career.
I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 
My best work is being made right now!!
I've spent the last few months reviewing Art fundamentals and learning the latest digital techniques.  Art will always be a love and hobby of mine but I feel it could be even more.. like a 2nd career! 
Please feel free to contact me below. I am able to do commissions so if you have anything in mind please run it by me and I'll get you a quote.  
 Thank you for the visit! Ryan
Robot Head Front View Helmet RZ3000
Thank you!
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